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Strawberry Alarm Clock
It wasn’t too early as the sun had already made its way a decent amount above the horizon, but still just early enough that Gale knew her parents wouldn’t be up quite yet. Her father Dale’s way of sleeping in on the weekend had rubbed off on his wife just enough that Gadget no longer felt the need to be up at the crack of dawn for whatever the day’s task might involve.
Gale brushed her bangs out of her eyes as she bit her lip concentrating hard on getting the exact right measurement for the baking soda. Everything had to be just so. She didn’t want her first time baking all this on her own to be anything short of a smashing success. She also was sure both her parents would be quite thankful that she didn’t inherit her father’s ‘close enough’ ideas on cooking a thought she chuckled at. Sure, he could be good at cooking when the mood suited him, but baking was an especially interesting journey for him, as he didn’t take nearly t
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Sun shone brightly on the beaches of Long Island, short symmetrical waves beat harmlessly against the shore. A beautiful day for humans and animals alike, and in a mildly deserted cove a volley ball game of epic proportions was under way.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACHOO!” Dale sneezed trying to get the sand out of his nose after diving for a particularly fierce volley.
“Be careful there Dale,” Chip jested. “Wouldn’t want to hurt yourself.”
“Wouldn’t want it ta be ‘enter Sandman’ time either,” Monty joked, helping his teammate up.  
“Very funny guys,” Dale snorted, partially from the jokes and partially from the remaining sand in his nostrils.
“Ready?” Gadget called getting ready to serve the next volley.
“I was born ready!” Dale replied.
Gadget threw the ball high in the air and slammed it quickly over the net. It hit just barely inside the right side line.
“Ready to lose!
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Mad About You
Mad About You
The few knocks on the door that had occurred during the day had ceased. It was a sign of resignation. A signal from the rest of the Titans that they thought he needed time alone, or a sign that a mission had happened, or that something was afoot; Beast Boy didn’t know nor did he particularly care. He had slept on and off during the day between fits of thought, but now he was wide awake and restless. Glancing out the window he saw the sun had just about disappeared under the horizon and evening was well on its way to night fall.
Uncurling himself from around the box he’d been holding, still in his canine form, he stretched, ridding his back of kinks developed from far too long spent in one place. He thought of morphing back to his regular form, but didn’t feel much like his regular self at any rate and decided against it.  Long, lanky shadows spread from the window beckoning him to gaze out at the water around the tower and the city beyond it.
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An Excercise in Futility
An Exercise in Futility
Anyone attempting to find continuity errors, problems with grammar, plot holes, or even a plot itself will be shot by order of the editor. Please enjoy your reading experience.
In a tree, in a park, two chipmunks slumbered, dreaming, wondering what they might do in the coming morning; and then it dawned on them.
Dale’s eyes rolled open like two retractable blinds. Invigorated after a good night’s sleep, he looked over the edge of his top bunk to his brother below him.
“Hey Chip,” he called to the sleeping chipmunk in the bed below. Chip opened his eyes and stared back at his more talkative brother. “I know what we’re gonna do today!”
A still-drowsy, but enthusiastic, chipmunk replied with a silent thumbs-up. A teal-tinted housefly in a red shirt slept at the foot of his bed, but was now beginning to stir. He watched in silent observance as the chipmunks began their day. The two quickly changed from their sleeping clothes
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The Blizzard
Snow fell swiftly, surrounding the semi truck in a cool cocoon of white. Everything around was buried in the soft serene blanket of snow. Even on the road it piled up under the truck's bumper during its slow ascent to the summit. The clatter of the chains was just barely audible over the whistle of the wind, while the dense falling flakes muffled all other noise. Mounds continued to grow, and only the general lay of the land with a slight indent for the road guided the truck's progress.
Snuggled deep inside a pallet Georgia tried desperately to wrap herself up in her coat, in a vain attempt, to perhaps hold just a little more heat in from the whipping wind. It drew the warmth out of her so fiercely that she wrapped herself up in a ball protecting what little heat she could muster in her core from the thieving night. Swearing under her breath that she should have chosen something other than a flatbed on which to hitch-hike, the small mouse wiggled her way deeper into the pallet, still s
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Smile Smile Smile, My Little Pony FIM Tab
Guitar Tab for Smile Smile Smile, from MLP Friendship is Magic
by Daniel Ingram
Transposed and tabbed by Erik Berg, using lyrics from Mr Mediocre.
Capo 3
   C        C/D C/E  C/G  
My name is Pinkie Pie (Hello!)
   C     C/D  C/E      C/D
And I am here to say (How ya doin?)
    Am    G        C       Em       F               G       
I'm gonna make you smile, And I will brighten up your day!
    C      C/D  C/E  C/G
It doesn't matter now, (What's up?)
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Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel,
The sky fell upon the earth in one quick blow. A ceiling of rain seemed to collapse upon the world all at once covering what had been a warm summer's day in a cool liquid blanket welcoming the night. Pounding upon the ground with violence that that longed to destroy the pavement and plants under its force, the water fell rapidly down. The torrential downpour began so suddenly that animals and humans both rushed under any shelter they could find in an attempt to at least retain some semblance of being dry.
Against a window the rain rapped, as if a stranger begging to be let in. The wind began to throw it in waves pounding the single pane of glass causing it to reverberate in its' trim. The sudden influx of this soundtrack startled the young mouse working very cautiously on her soldering. She quickly recovered but swore under her breath when she observed the stray traces of solder that now lay haphazardly across the PLC board. A deep sigh reverberated in the room as she sat
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August 24th
August 24th:
"You got it?" a whisper slithered through the dark abode.
"O'course oi got it!" Monty replied indignantly, and well above a whisper.
Dale frowned at Monty's lack of understanding inside voices, but his expression fell in vain in the dark, "And Zipper you managed to get your piece?"
"Good, were they nice and red?"
"Dale…" Chip quietly said as he took his friend aside. "I'm still not sure this is such a great idea."
"What do you mean you're not sure?" a whisper came back in the dark.
"It's not exactly like our history is looking so great for this date. Don't you think it's a little, you know, soon?"
"Stop being so timid, just trust me."
"I trust you it's just we don't want to bring up any ghosts on the airwaves if you know what I mean…"
Both Dale and Chip's mind played the movie of events they knew had happened just a few years ago on this date. While they both knew that their source was notoriously unreliable in his story telling, someth
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The Rushian Revolution :Chapter 18
Chapter 18: One Little Victory
"So then he went mad against us… Screaming as loud as he could yelling "I DON'T BLUFF!"
"Dale quiet, at least quieter, this is a veritable café," Monty chided.
"Sorry, it's the climax of the story, how am I suppose to say it?" Dale asked.
"Volume's can be changed in the retelling of something if the significance is maintained," Alex mused. The gopher had had a smile plastered to his face from the very beginning of the Ranger's story, partially due to the pure absurdity of a retrieval mission being so complicated, and partially thanks to Dale's enthusiasm for the tale although Alex still couldn't figure out whether that was due to him being Alex, or if Dale was just normally this exuberant. He sipped his drink , and listened intently as Dale continued his story.
"He kept…" Dale continued on reviewing the end of their adventure in exacting detail, he didn't want Alex to miss anything, or not get exactly what happened.
The rest of the Rangers
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The Rushian Revolution :Chapter 17
Chapter 17: La Villa Strangiato
Two tapes lay propped against a wall in front of a solitary, red-nosed chipmunk. His eyes darted madly back and forth between the two, as his mind ran through the various strengths and weaknesses of the particular album.
"Dale you know we were planning on doing this whole revolution thing today, right?" Chip said his voice jarring Dale's mind from its dilemma.
"Just be right appreciative that Gadget managed ta talk Dale outta bringing th' whole veritable catalogue," Monty laughed.
"Trust me, I am very glad she did. I'm just a bit surprised that Dale's being the indecisive one here," Chip replied. "But yeah if it wasn't for her this decision might not be made until we're all dead."
"What's the big idea?" Dale reeled off. "This is important! I have to decide what better signifies the moment, what can best be used to portray the right feeling of the place we are in time, the universe, and in our travels?"
"Dale, you're scaring me," Chip added worriedly .
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The Rushian Revolution :Chapter 16
Chapter 16: The Spirit of Radio
"Watch this!" Dale motioned to Chip. He took the last of the wire spools and, while grabbing one end, threw the spool down the tunnel, letting it unravel the whole way down.
Chip admired Dale's work as they heard the fairly decent sized wooden spool roll down the steel tunnel. "Of course didn't Gadget say she wanted to keep those for some project or another?" Chip winked.
"What?" Dale said, running off in chase of the spool.
Chip laughed at his friend as he secured the wire Dale had been laying out to the previous one they had worked on via wire nuts.
"Are you sure she wanted these?" Chip heard Dale's voice echoing from down the tunnel.
"OH YEAH! I'm SURE!" Chip yelled back.
"What's she even going to use them for?" Dale's voice echoed even more resonating throughout the whole of the tunnel.
"Probably for more wire, or something like that," Chip responded following where Dale had lead.
Dale manically searched the tunnel, but his eyes in the dark, and his
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The Rushian Revolution :Chapter 15
Chapter 15: Red Sector A
Crimson water licked at the shore of the river as mesmerized Rushians looked on. The water's color change had been so abrupt, and under the unnatural florescent lighting it took on an even more blood like appearance, and as it flowed through the village of the Rushians, even the side channels, of the river became corrupted with the red hue.
A few of the confused mice managed enough courage to approach the water but none seemed to have enough bravery to touch the oddly colored liquid. Whether this was due to a fear of the unknown, or possible Priest punishment was unclear, but no Rushian ventured to enter the water, nor see what it would do in their bowls, jars or cups. Even those thirstiest among them shied away from it, and merely went back to their burrows defeated and parched.
Further down the river near the bottom of the first temple Father Efrafra walked alongside a worried Father Spitz and a cautious Father Lawson. The three walked along the side of the g
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The Rushian Revolution :Chapter 14
Chapter 14: Red Tide
"Are we there yet?"
"How about now?"
"Is this really necessary?"
Chip tried, but failed, to get out from under the massive amount of hose that he was lugging around to hit Dale over the head. Instead, he found himself falling to the slick bottom of the pipe they were making their way down.
"And now?"
"I swear Dale," Chip said, trying to disentangle himself from the mass of hose he was now tangled in.
"You swear we're there?" Dale asked, enjoying his torment of his friend entirely too much.
"Oh we'll get there, but if you're not careful, you might not even make it there alive."
"Aw, but Chip, I like being alive, it's much more convenient to be alive in order to annoy you!"
"Exactly my problem with you being alive."
They both laughed and Dale figured he might as well help Chip out of the tangled mess of rubber. Their project for the last few hours had been laying foot upon foot of hose down an old abandoned sewer pipe. While neither had really wanted to
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The Rushian Revolution :Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Half the World
Streetlights were beginning to flicker to life, shining their soft light upon the footpath that the Rangers followed back to headquarters. The early evening was brisk, but not cold, and the lack of wind made the cool temperature easily bearable. The Rangers had spent a little while longer with Bytor and Ruby before leaving Bytor in the elder's mouse care. They figured that they had enough to do without having to introduce him to the real world. They had already secured the Ranger Plane for the night above the falls, figuring they might need it later, and there wasn't any reason to have to go back through the sewers with Ruby's entrance to the real world being so convenient. The walk back home took a surprisingly short amount of time since the Barker's entrance to the real world was actually quite close to their tree in Central Park. Zipper buzzed along just ahead of the rest of the Rangers, keeping an eye out for anyone or anything that might be hiding in the
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The Rushian Revolution :Chapter 12
Chapter 12: Lessons
Bright lights shone down on the long table of the priests causing the smooth stone surface to shine eerily. The fluorescent white light was disconcerting against the black stone backdrop of the room and the centerpiece of the black stone table. Silence filled the room. Each Priest who was seated at the table dared not speak until spoken too creating an awkward silence. Only the buzzing of the lights provided a soft white noise. Father Efrafra just sat and stared from Priest to Priest, waiting for someone to take the first step, but the silence merely continued without interruption. He sighed violently, cleared his throat, and began…
"Would someone care to enlighten us about why this meeting was organized?" he said in a voice that tried to sound calm.
"Father, surely you remember the Rushian we spoke to earlier?" one of the junior Priests spoke.
"While I am advancing in years," Efrafra said frowning, "my memory doesn't fail me Father Brown,".
"That citizen we sp
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The Rushian Revolution :Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Mission
"So how does one go about taking down a dictatorial government?" Chip asked the group, trying to get them back on topic. The four mice, two chipmunks, and one fly had been shooting the breeze for over an hour now about various things, issues, and even simply just telling stories of the various worlds that each individual had lived in. While this had been incredibly interesting, and even highly entertaining, Chip felt that getting the group back on task would be nice for, if not now, he wasn't sure when the next opening in the conversation would be.
"Oi try ta stay out of politics if oi can 'elp it," Monty replied.
"An excellent choice Monterey," Ruby added. "I've seen plenty of politicians in my day and regardless of party or stance there is one thing that I always find they have in common."
"What would that be?" Gadget queried.
"Their inability to be productive in a meaningful or beneficial fashion," Ruby promptly replied.
"Anyw…" Chip said before being interr
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Excellent work here, it really stopped me in my tracks when I saw it. First I love how you used a very grayscale horse. Horses are amaz...




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